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* Tony – Membership # 0589View post
Offers: Handyman jobs (tiles, doors, windows etc.); Computer and mobile phone help; Assistance with computer banking and
bill-paying; Weeding; Housework; Dog-walking; Child minding, Working bees.
Wants: Assistance with selling on eBay
* Linda  – Membership # 9763
Offers: Marketing / PR (Range of marketing activities: editing, marketing plans, graphic design, brochures, posters, business
design etc.); Events Management (Event planning, management of suppliers, sourcing entertainers etc., including workshops,
weddings, conferences, gala dinners, festivals, children’s parties); Catering (Small and large scale catering services – can meet
range of food cost budgets and audiences).
* Etienne  – Membership # 8950
Offers: Zither tuition (play the chord-zither – easy and relaxing – all ages); Guitar tuition (classical and folk for enjoyment – all
ages); Zither and guitar performance (weddings – all functions).
Wants: House cleaning; House maintenance; Computer help; Desktop publishing
* Pennie  – Membership # 8747
Offers: Learn to Meditate; Personal and Relationship Counselling (Psychotherapist); Garden Advice (creation and maintenance);
Interior Decorating Advice.
Wants: Handyman; Computer help and support (p.c.)
* Fiona and Ramon – Membership # 5891
Offers: Computer help; Working Bees; Shopping Help; Baby Sitting; Chickens; Food-garden Help; Driving.
Wants: Gardening; General House Help; Working Bees; Baby Sitting.
* Kieran – Membership # 7852
Offers: Mac Artists’ Help (creative and technical assistance for artists using Macintosh computers); Ask a Physicist (questions
about radiation, quantum theory, relativity and all that gladly answered – tutes can be arranged for students); DVD production
(turn your videos and photos into stunning DVD presentations)
* Liz – Membership # 4907
Offers: Massage (all types); Bowen Therapy; Lymphatic drainage; Hospitality (bar and waiting)

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