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A local Mentor (support person) is allocated for each new MERLETS member for their first few months of membership. The Mentor is an MERLETS member who will provide support to the new member learning the LETS Basics. This includes an introduction to learn the CES website, recording trades, updating offers & personal details, viewing transactions, searching for wants & offers on both the website and directory and generally how to get the most out of your membership. Mentors are paid in tokens for their time by LETS Admin.

If you feel you require the services of a mentor after your first three months, or would like to offer your services as a mentor, please contact  Rosemary, the Mentor Organiser.

 Can’t Find a Service You Require in the LETS Directory?

Why not ask a person you know who offers the service to join MERLETS. You could even offer to pay their first year’s membership and earn tokens by being their mentor for the first three months.

MERLETS Facebook Page

In 2015 a MERLETS Facebook page was established. Members are increasingly using this page as a way of posting wants and offers, commenting on LETS events, sharing resources and information, posting photos and keeping in touch.

If you’d like to be a member of this closed group just contact Naomi or Annette B via  Melbourne Eastern Region LETS (MERLETS)  Facebook page with your request.

We are excited that a MERLETS Yarra Valley Hub closed Facebook page is currently in progress which will allow  communication between  Yarra Valley Hub members.  More on this when it is up and running.


Sometimes there are tasks that may seem overwhelming (or boring) on your own, but organising a group of people to assist may be a great way to get the jobs done. Various groups already exist to get you started, or if you have another area of interest, speak to the committee to help instigate a new group.

If you want to enlist the help of an existing group, contact the designated coordinator. Members will be notified via email, inviting them to attend your session, and they will be asked to contact you prior to the date to confirm attendance. You will also be given a list of members who do not have access to email for you to phone. One way to ensure a good attendance is to ring some of the members directly and invite them. If you can provide a cuppa at the end it will be a nice way to finish off the day.

Throughout the year you will be notified via email when a group is scheduled to meet, the tasks to be completed on the day, and the contact details. Just contact the person whose house it is at if you can attend. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss the suitability of the tasks for your activity level.


Eastern Suburbs LETS Weekend Project Group:

The Project Group is open to all members, either as a participant or host. The group meets regularly at a member’s home and helps with a project inside or outside; eg  Gardening, Cleaning out a shed, Cleaning Windows, Decluttering inside, Doing a spring clean, Painting a bathroom.  You can request one through the Project Group Co-ordinator.


Eastern Suburbs LETS Do It Weekdays Group:

This group has been established for those members who have availability on a weekday (currently Thursday & Friday mornings). It may be any type of task, indoor or outdoor, and it may include gardening. If you’d like to host a group just contact the coordinator with a proposed date and a list of tasks you’d like to complete. A calendar of dates/groups is emailed each term but additional dates can easily be organised and emailed to all members.



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