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Homoeopathy is a scientific form of natural healing based on the Laws of Similars which states “like cures like” e.g. Give a homoeopathic remedy to a healthy person, which will produce a set of symptoms and then this remedy will cure those same symptoms in a sick person.

It is an effective treatment for acute, chronic, physical, emotional and inherited diseases.

Natural Therapies are incorporated into Anthroposophic medicine (founded by Rudolf Steiner) together with Homoeopathic remedies and take into account the Body, Soul and Spirit of the person.

There are no side effects and natural medicine does not interfere with allopathic medicine. It is a natural holistic choice.

Deanna is a qualified Homoeopath and Naturopath and uses Anthroposophic medicine and philosophy in her practice.

LETS Tokens for Consultation and Remedies

Plus there is a cost for remedies at cost price plus 20%

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