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New Brochure:

Admin Group meets monthly to ensure the smooth running of the Warranwood LETS systems. In recent months we have been revising our brochure, updating the information and look of the brochure which is distributed at festivals and fairs. We are casting around for some images to include from LETS activities so if you took a photo during a LETS working bee or social event and are happy to use it in our promotions material, please forward it.

Name Change:

We’ve also been discussing the possibility of extending our group name to include a larger area even if its seems like something of an oxymoron since LETS is supposed to be local!
The major reason is that our group continues to thrive where others come and go and we regularly get requests from west to Box Hill and Mont Albert and east to Mt Evelyn to join our group. In the interests of appealing to a broader community we have been considering adding a variation on eastern suburbs to the name. This of course can only be determined by the Annual General Meeting and will be discussed further in that forum. There are also several precedents for this Diamond valley LETS is now Diamond Valley/Northern LETS as has Dingley become Dingley Bayside LETS. The addition with the most support is Eastern Suburbs/Warranwood LETS

Social Occasions Co-ordinator:

We think it would be good to have a person to co-ordinate our main social activities (AGM Dinner, Spring Picnic and Christmas Party) and to arrange a calendar of events for Warranwood LETS. Each year our regular events are easily managed when a member takes on the task of ‘ringing around’ to make sure sufficient food is organised for all who plan to attend. There is also scope for additional activities which would benefit the wider community.
Consider what you might like to attend and how you could contribute to the development of our LETS Community and enriching the lives of others in our area. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the AGM in June or discuss
them with any of the Admin Group members or (more radically) volunteer for the role!

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