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Here are just some of the trading that happened in 2009–2010
Check it out, you might find something you want or something you could offer

Alexander Technique
Angel mobiles
Building advice
Beets, Silver beet, eggs
Paint decking
Chain sawing
Child minding
Rhubarb, Parsley
Mail collection
Computer help
Cooking, sewing
Pet minding and care
Ear candling
Garden nutrients
Clean gutters
Health products
Cards, Xmas cards, postcards
Health products, consultations, supplements
Cleaning windows and house
Hire trailer, trolley, mask,
Fix fence, lattice
Sound therapy
Bay leaves, lemons
Plants – various
Ironing, eco bags
Osborne products
Kadac products
Massage, Manicure
Hosting network event, hosting Xmas party
Hire lawn mower, ladder, display board
Lawn mowing, mulching, weeding,
Legal advice
Heavy labour
Shell trays
Neways products
Cool ties
Landscape design
Mail collection
Buddy ring around
Kids party help

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