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Walk Against Warming

Hi LETS members,
I am forwarding this to you as I feel very strongly about the objectives of this walk – to show our political leaders that Australians want strong and swift action to reduce emissions.

The walk in Melbourne starts at the State Library at 12 midday this Saturday 12th December.  A group of us are catching the 10.55am train from Ringwood Station and getting off at Melbourne Central.  We are meeting in the last carriage.

If you feel strongly about climate change please join us



Join us for this year’s Walk Against Warming, the most important ever.   The 2009 march on climate change coincides with climate treaty negotiations in Copenhagen and an International Day of Action. So, on Saturday 12 December, join millions around the world calling on their leaders to deliver a strong climate change treaty. Show our political leaders that Australians want strong   and swift action to reduce emissions.

Already thousands of people just like you have indicated that they’ll be coming along to help send a powerful message to Canberra and the world that Australians want a safe climate.
Now, we really need your help.  We need to turn those thousands of people into tens of thousands of people, and the only way we can do that is with your help.

We need you to help spread the word about the Walk Against Warming.  Bring your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues along on Saturday to make sure that our leaders get the message loud and clear that Australians want action for a safe climate.

Help us make Melbourne’s Walk Against Warming HUGE…


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