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60,107 tokens were traded between 1/4/09 and 31/3/10 (cf. 45,166 last year). This equals 1002 hours (that is 83 hours per month, 19 hours per week) or an average of 18 hours per active member. (A 33% increase from previous year)

383 (cf. 249 last year) transactions were recorded (not including administration levy and subscriptions) or 7 transaction per active member. Average transaction was for 126 tokens or just over two hours.

InterLETS trading:

3895 tokens were traded with other LETS groups:

Goods and services purchased from other groups 905 (9 transactions)

Goods / services sold to other LETS groups 1770 (4 transactions)

Donations made to CES 1220 (3 transactions)

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