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LETS National Conference is to be held in beautiful Perth, WA this year.

LETS members are invited to come and join us in WA from 9th to 11th September.  Our West Australian LETS groups are hoping you’ll be interested in coming to our conference.

A flyer is available for download from: http://swanhillslets.org

Besides conference activities that will take up the weekend, there is so much to see and do in the Perth area and beyond at this time of year: wildflowers, wineries in the Swan Valley and South-west country, nature touring, river excursions, coastal beaches & islands (Rottnest/Penguin Is./etc.), environmental centers, The Gravity/Cosmology Centre in Gingin (marvellous), new cultural/theatre complex in the city, etc, etc.

Discussions are underway to lower costs for attendees, and for interstate and country area people who want to extend their stay beyond the conference weekend for a few days/week.

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