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LETS Buddy


The role of the Buddy in our LETS system is one of explanation and contact for new and existing members.  When a new member joins our group they are allocated a Buddy who contacts them and explains how the system works.  The Buddy will take them through asking for a service and giving a service, speak about the CES online system for keeping track of tokens and find out what the members wants and offers are.  This is the first point of call for a member.  If the Buddy doesn’t have an answer, they have other Buddies and Admin they can call on.

A recent decision was made to allocate 30 tokens a month to each Buddy to acknowledge the work they do.  It was found that often Buddies were forgetting to put down their time spent speaking with members.  This way it was felt that Buddies were being acknowledged for the wonderful job they are doing.

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