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Gardening Group

The Gardening Group meets on Sundays

For more information contact Carol

(email Carol link )

Gardening Group Experiences

Our GG got off to a great start in February with the making of a veggie garden at Gayle’s home.  It was the brainchild of her son Matthew and he worked tirelessly.  It looked fantastic by the end of the morning and boy did we enjoy Gayle’s cooking afterwards with a cuppa.

A month later we arrived at Anita’s home to rearrange her furniture.  Some pieces went into the garage awaiting a garage sale and others were shuffled and reshuffled until a workable & pleasing result was attained.  It is always such a joy to sit down after the jobs are completed and catch up with friends over afternoon tea.

Please phone beforehand for address, time and to find out what equipment to bring.

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