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Hi LETS members,

Can you spare a few hours on the afternoon of August 15 for a sustainable future?

A few of us deeply concerned about the lack of government action on climate change recently formed DEAKIN Climate Action Now (CAN).  The Deakin electorate covers an area from Croydon to Blacburn.

In partnership with Environment Victoria, we are holding a ‘Walk against Warming’- in the Suburbs- which involves letterboxing the whole electorate of Deakin in one afternoon!  We need lots and lots of people to do this. Can you or your friends help- either with leafletting on the day or with other tasks in the lead-up to the day?

Deakin has been selected by Environment Victoria as it is held by only a small margin and our action should make a big impact on the politicians of all parties.

If you are interested, get more information below.

Register on the Environment Victoria website and you will be contacted.

If you would like to contact our group – email Ingrid or Liz or Yvonne at:


On behalf of Deakin Climate Action Now I appreciate your support.

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