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LETS power point presentation – shows how LETS works


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 L E T S – Local Energy Trading System

Local – within your local community –

Maroondah, Whitehorse, Yarra Ranges, Manningham

Energy – enthusiasm, fun

Trading – exchange, share, swap

System – for points, not money

What is LETS?
LETS (Local Energy Trading System) is a not for profit local community group in the eastern region of Melbourne.

Melbourne Eastern Region LETS Incorporated (formerly ESWLETS)
MERLETS was established in 1991.  We are an incorporated body.  It now has over 80 members actively trading and is part of a world wide organisation. The Yarra Valley Hub became active in MERLETS during 2014.  Our ABN Number is 76311968836

How does it work?
Instead of parting with your hard earned CASH, you exchange your skills with other members for points not money… it’s as simple as that! Membership allows you to exchange your skills, services & goods with other members.  One hour of service is equivalent to 25 tokens and all members’ skills are valued equally.

Here’s an example.
Let’s say you need some gardening done, pets minded while you are away or want to declutter that spare room.   Instead of paying someone to do it, you would refer to your MERLETS Directory to find someone available to do the work. It’s that easy… In return, you offer your services to a LETS member at another time.

Some of these services have been offered by MERLETS members…
Gardening & Working Bees, Pet care, Lawn mowing, Dog Walking,  Child Care, Transport, Ironing, Web site design and advice, Emergency Angels, Health and wellbeing services, Springcleaning, Computer Advice, Wordprocessing/editing, Cooking/Catering, Sewing/mending, Home grown produce, Designing indoor & outdoor spaces.
What could you offer?

How do I join MERLETS?
Print the 2018 LETS Brochure fill in the membership application & post it to us with your payment.  If you wish to pay by direct debit please contact us and we will email you our bank details.

How much does it cost?
The annual membership fee is $15.00 or $10.00 concession.

What do you get?
You will be credited 50 tokens (2 hours) and receive a regular newsletter and the latest annual directory of members’ services.  A local Mentor (support person) is allocated for each new MERLETS member for their first few months of membership. The Mentor is an MERLETS member who will provide support to the new member learning the LETS Basics.

Gift Vouchers
Want to gift a friend or LETS member a service or goods. Click here to print gift vouchers. This could be a great Birthday or Christmas present.

Are you looking at starting a new LETS Group?

MERLETS is growing East of Melbourne.  If you live in an area that is interested in starting a LETS Hub which is part of  MERLETS, please contact us to see how we can help.

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